[Special Photo] Bloody Christmas in Gaza…

December 29 2008

Bloody Christmas in Gaza

(nothing to say)

Here is another photo and some videos….


7 Responses to “[Special Photo] Bloody Christmas in Gaza…”

  1. Adrenaline Says:

    am guessing the world is blind and mute

  2. agent U210 Says:

    No, not blind and Mute, just tired of hamas’s shit! Pray for the innocent killed, but blame lies soley on hamas for using civilians as a shield. They shoot then duck behind women and children.

  3. Adrenaline Says:

    What about the Zionists shit?

    “duck behind women and children” oh please wake up

  4. frank pagan Says:

    i agree ioo% with agent 210 nothing is siad when hamas
    kills people with ther rockets. fight like a man
    don´t use kids and women as shilds

  5. frank pagan Says:

    mess with one of the best and die like the rest
    pray for thr dead,kill the rest. this goes for hamas

  6. Hassan1 Says:

    I think you love Israel so you can’t see the truth. If you really want the truth Go and view this video:

  7. frank pagan Says:

    response to hassani. as i said before don´t mess with the jews my friend, hamas had been sending rockets and killing jews for months before this started so now it´s payback

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